We are excited to announce summer internship opportunities in the Grammarly Core Team in both of our offices: Kyiv and San Francisco. Our team is responsible for all text processing and error correction stuff that is happening under the hood of Grammarly. So, we're involved in a handful of research and engineering activities encompassing a large part of modern NLP landscape. Unfortunately, we can't publish or disclose the most interesting pieces, but some of our results can be found on our blog.

For a period of up to 3 months starting on June 1st, in each office, we're ready to invite 1 person to work in either of the following 3 directions:

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Data Science/Machine Learning
  • Lisp Programming

Terms and Conditions

If you're interested in any of the three, please, send an email to mailto:vseloved@grammarly.com noting the location you choose, the period, and attaching a solution to one of the following tasks or a link to your github account with the projects in the chosen sphere. Here are the test tasks:

  • CompLing: write a script that will gather all uncountable English nouns from http://wiktionary.com
  • Data Science: the task and the dataset
  • Lisp: select one of the ideas for improving SBCL from their 2015 GSoC proposal and write a detailed plan for its implementation with references to relevant work in other projects. Beware: you may have to implement your plan afterwards :) Among all the directions, we'll be most interested in the following topics: 1.3, 1.5, 3.2, 3.4, 5.2-5.5, 6.7, 6.13, 6.16-6.20

The rules are the following:

  • the deadline for applications is May 31st
  • a good command of English is compulsory
  • we will select the person who has done the best job with the test or already has the most interesting projects, so you're invited to exceed the expectations
  • a full-time or near full-time commitment is expected, no other overlapping work-related activities during the internship period
  • a cover letter explaining why you want to work with us would be a huge plus
  • once you send a letter, we'll contact you over a period of 1 week and schedule an interview if we get interested